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The X-bracing material doesn’t have to be anything substantial. Being as the A-frame is C-channel maybe go with some 1 1/2 inch C-channel, or angle, whatever you desire.

Remember that 14,000 lb. trailer in the link was designed or at least approved by an engineer! You are upping the annie with your trailer. You may not need the X-bracing, it was just a suggestion.

I think this is what FusionKing was commenting on, if so I agree 150%!
If not this is what I would do, don’t know why I missed it this morning.
Really dont need an X brace, here is the 40'6/ 33' deck trailer I built about 1.5 years ago, cant see the size, but the gussets I used were 2'x2'x1/4" thick triangles, I think something similar would help him.

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I have a ton of 1/8" plate I cut off this trailer but that would probably be too thin for those gussets.
Waay too flimsy IMHO, 1/4" is a decent size

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Does anyone know if you need a CDL for a tri axles trailer rated at 10500lb? My buddy said so. I haven't call the modot yet. The trailer is sitting right now as I get some money together for the new steel.
No, unless your truck is especially large, more than 26,000lbs gcw is the limit. Basically, my trailer is a 14k, truck is 9200, puts me @ 23,200 gcw. If you have a newer dually, most will put you into CDL-A class with their 12,500/13,000 gvwr...