Day three. I cut the rest of the stuff off and started grinding the slag from plasma cutting the expanded steel off. Welded back in the cross supports I had taken out to remove the floor.

After doing the math for the axle locations, I realized I need to move them back if I add the dovetail. Which would be a lot of work. But then my buddy realized if I make the trailer 19'8" long I can leave the two axles where they are and add a third. I was gonna make the trailer 18' over all, why not add another foot and a half. If I add a third axle it now makes it a 10500 lb trailer. I don't think I need a three axle lowboy, but why not go big or go home. If I run 6" channel and plenty of crossmember I should be more than strong enough. Then I never have to worry about hauling the cummins. But do I need to beef up the gooseneck for the 10K load?