Ok I just did some horse trading to get this trailer. All the sides and expanded steel and gate is coming off. I am gusseting the neck and adding a 2' dovetail. I am running new 5 inch Channel the length of the trailer. Currently the gooseneck hits the 5 inch channel and runs to the front of the axles. There is a piece of 2x3 angle running the length. Not quite strong enough for me. So I pull the wood and run the channel next to the angle? When I add crossmembers should I use 3" channel, 2x3 angle, 2x2x.120 tubing or something else? Should I move the axles back if I am adding the dovetail? The trailer has 2 3500lb axles with brakes on both. I plan on towing new cars and trucks, but occasionally my Buddy's cummins whenever it breaks down. I am pulling the wood now as I wait for my plasma consumables to come from hong kong in the mail.