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    Default what size channel for neck on gooseneck trailer?

    what size channel should i use for the hitch neck for a 7000lb 18' trailer? i got a 18' bumperpull that i want to convert to a gooseneck and need to know what size channel to use i was thinkin 6" #8 for it and have the gussets all made out of the 6" also for the bracing at the 90's
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    A single 6 inch x 8.2# channel in an 8 feet span is good for 2,460 lbs.

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    Why not 6" I beam? or 2 6" channels back to back...Bob
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    is the frame of the trailer made out of the same channel? the last one i did had an I beam frame so i just extended it out and used the same material.

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    I was in the same boat as you until last weekend. I was going to cut off the tongue of my 18 Car hauler and weld a gooseneck on. Instead I traded straight across for this monstacity. I cut the dovetail off my old trailer before trading it for this one. I plan on cutting all the bull**** off this thing to make it a dovetail car hauler. I couldn't pass up the deal. It had two 3500lb axles, both with brakes, actual trailer tires, break-a-way system, 82" between fenders and 16' deck, (plus 2' more for my dovetail). Anyhow this trailer has 6" channel for the neck. I you need any pictures or measurements off this thing just let me know. I am not saying this thing is built right, I am just saying it is built. I will include all the pictures here. Also I had been saving pictures of others coverting their car haulers to gooseneck. I will post those too. Hope this helps. P.S. I would check around to trading because that steel is gonna be expensive. My guy no longer had a truck so no gooseneck hitch. Also check out this trailer. My dream....

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    Depends on the axle location, and how much you want to cross-brace and gusset the gooseneck. Kind of an open-ended question,,,,, pics and a drawing of what your plan is, would help.

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