Here's the last set of pics of my sheet brake.

I finished this project with a smile. So far it has preformed as planned. My goal was to bend sheet metal up to 1/8" for drawers and tool boxes. I would also like to use it to bend brackets up to 1/4" until I can build a press brake.

I do have a set of handles for the heavy stuff but there not needed for sheet metal such as in the lower right corner of the second set of pics. In time I would like to fab some sort of a spring mechanism that would have the clamp down plate preloaded in the up position. For now I am just using a washer and a nut on the clamping bolt on each side. Effective but not pretty.

I do plan on finishing my 3D CAD for this. If anyone would like more pics or the part of the cad that is finished just pm me and I can send or post.

Thanks for looking, If anyone happens to see an area for improvement please say so.