OK, here it is guys, I'm having an electrical problem with my '95 Lincoln Continental. When I get into the car I have power (lights,radio,air compressor, fuel pump work) but when I turn the key I lose all electric (no starter, no dash, no lights, nothing (just completely dead). Now, I've swapped the battery out for the brand new one I use in my '69 caddy (I know for a fact it's good) and get the same results. But when I hook the car to jumper cables I get the starter to turn very slowly (like I am getting very little juice) but it will not start.
I haven't had many problems with this car since I bought it last year, I'm usually pretty good about troubleshooting, but when it comes to electric I'm clueless (sometimes I wish I could just drive the Caddy full time)..
I'd appreciate any opinions or pointers you guys might have on this problem..