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    Default Snail "Bullet" Trap

    My other hobby besides welding is shooting sports. I was looking on some web page and I saw something called a snail trap. I want to replicate it but make it tons smaller. It is designed for indoor shooting ranges. It works kind of like a one way door. It is composed of a square opening that tapers down to a smaller opening blocked by a one way metal or hard rubber flap. When the bullet enters drum, the flap shuts behind it. The bullet spins around the drum and slows down. I want to shrink it down to a 2'x2' entrance. It needs to survive a .22 LR bullet. Any suggestions on material thickness or does anyone have one of these. I will post pics when I find them.
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    There are some pics already in the forum. Search bullet trap at the top. I just used 4" black pipe welded to a 3/8" plate on a 45 degree angle. The red circle has what is left of a .44 mag slug...Bob
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    I work part time at an indoor shooting range.

    .22lr will clog up a snail trap in short order.

    The soft exposed lead and low energy just smear the lead against the steel.

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    point45 Welcome to the forum, good to have you with us.

    welder_guy if all you are shooting is .22 LR then a standard slant wall trap will work fine. The ones Cabelas and places sell are fairly lightweight steel so they shouldn't be hard to build at all. Some where I have a set of plans for one I got from a buddy of mine. I think he got them thru the NRA bookstore. I'll look but don't hold your breath, its been years since I looked at them. Lord knows where they are if I even still have them.

    One thing to remember regardless is to set up some sort of exhaust ventilation if you shoot indoors to remove any airborne lead dust.

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    Default Snail Bullet Trap

    Try this URL and click on "Snail Bullet Trap" about eight items up from the bottom of the left side menu

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