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Thread: Cars

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    Nov 2006
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    Default Cars

    Here are some pics of two cars I painted last year. The Nova is a 1970 SS.
    the red one is a 1964 chevelle malibu SS which the owner decided to do away with the SS trim for some reason so I had to weld up all the holes .both were disassembled
    for paint, both have new quarter panels welded in. The only bad thing they both belong to someone else. LOL
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    Nice work....Bob
    Bob Wright, Grandson of Tee Nee Boat Trailer Founder
    Metal Master Fab Salem, Oh 44460
    Birthplace of the Silver & Deming Drill
    1999 MM185 w/185 Spoolgun,1986 Thunderbolt AC/DC
    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.

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    Looking at these cars makes me think back to all of the Chevelle's, Nova's, Camaro's and a few Mustangs (my brother was a Ford guy) that we cut up into stock cars.
    If we only knew then what they would be worth today.

    AHHHH!!! What they He!l am I saying, we still woulda cut em up into race cars anyways. Dave
    If necessity is the Mother of Invention, I must be the Father of Desperation!

    John Blewett III 10-22-73 to 8-16-07
    Another racing great gone but not to be forgotten.

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    Mar 2007
    Oahu, Hawaii


    BEAUTIFUL job on the cars!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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