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They actually say that if you ever decide to fix your own regulators that the natural oil in your hand is enouph to cause an explosion.
A fingerprint "weighs" about 50 micrograms.

Assuming 100% of the mass of a fingerprint was hydrocarbon oils (which isn't even close... lots of salts, etc.) and using the heat of complete combustion (oxygenated explosion) of these oils at an average of 50kJ/gram, the energy released in the "explosion" is 2.5 Joules, or 1.8 foot-pounds. That's less energy than a flashlight running for 1 second.

I'd like to know who "they" are so I can ask them what they get out of starting urban myths.

Now if we're talking about a gram of oil in the regulator, that's 50kJ or 36,900 foot pounds... 15 times the muzzle energy of a 30-06 rifle round. Now that's something to worry about!