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    Default Can Crusher Plans needed Please

    My students in my advanced metals class have a small project to do, and each wants to build a can crusher. I cannot for the life of me find suitable plans online. Thought I would stop in here and see if anyone has built one and has plans for one before I would draw some up.

    send me an email at if you think you can help me out.



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    perhaps this?

    I built one two years ago that works similar to a roller mill, two wheels turning in on each other. I based my a design off of a post in Hobart's site, that I cannot find anymore. If you'd like I can snap a few pictures of it so you get the general idea how i made it.

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    Thanks, I saw that and while it's awesome, I'm looking for a small assembly project to follow plans, cut, and assemble...something done in a week or so.

    Looking for the hand crank mechanical variety...can't seem to find anything great for plans...

    Thanks again...that's an awesome project

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    heres a pic of one
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    That is another heavy duty rig!!

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    Do like 90% of us do make your own plans. Take an idea from here a notion from there add a helping of new thinking and boom you got it all...

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