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    Quote Originally Posted by ccawgc View Post
    In the maxstar and dynasty welders the help 1 can have many causes. Miller tech support has sent us 2 pages of things to look for that might cause a help 1.
    As a machine owner the most important thing you can do. I figure out if anything with the setup or operation of the welder causes it to code. Had a maxstar 200 LX
    in the shop last week. If you turned on the welder with the foot control plugged in you can a help 1. soon as you called for output. But it did not fault with panel control. IT turned out that it would fault any time the output was turned on and you turned the remote pot to zero. Had to use a remote test box to find this.
    WE replaced the front panel pcb and all tests were good. No more help 1.
    For intermittent Help 1. You need to figure what event will cause the help 1. So when you bring it in for warranty repair you can show the tech. This way when he talks to miller you have the best chance of getting it fixed right the first time.
    Well there's the problem, what causes it .?. It seems to trigger after consecutive shorts eg. First it errored was stick welding dcep and the rod kept getting stuck, old rods I should throw away I guess. Second time was dcep again welding paper thin alloy, because the material was so thin I was lift arcing and striking on the filler to run a bead before joining .. No hf was used during both errors nor did I have any pulse weld settings on.

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    Try going into the hidden menus (see owners manual) And switch the low ocv to high. These welders come set from factory at 12volts ocv. If you are having problems with stick welding you can go in and change the ocv and get better starting is stick. Unless you are in Europe then high ocv is disabled.
    The main thing is to give the repair tech enough information so he can see the welder display a help 1 code and then take all the information to miller and get you the right parts. The fact it acts up in both TIG and stick is helpful.
    Sounds like it needs to go to a Miller warranty shop, If this is a very new (less than 1 month old) you might push for a different machine. If your does not settle down like cruzer said it might. Call miller and describe to TIG service group what is going on and see what they recommend. Have them recommend a shop in your area.
    They know who the good ones are. If you are in northern/ central California or northern Nevada I know of a couple of good shops.
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    Thanks ccawg, appreciate your input . I'll see if I can get the machine to display a help1 tomorrow .

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    Default Update

    Just thought I'd update how my dynasty200 is going with the help1 issue, turns out after much communication with miller and I must say they were very keen to help. They even rang me after an email to confirm how this error was showing, awesome when you have an issue and don't have to chase and ring or email over and over. Anyways turns out my inverter control board/pc1 needed a swap. Problem solved machine was gone not even one day. Thanks miller.

    All I can say is after sales service is superior when it comes to miller.


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