Ok. I know this is going to sound a little weird. I have a 1993 toyota 4x4 p/u. It's std cab short bed. I have framed up for a flat welding bed. I have never done this before. I will have a bobcat 225 on the bed next to the cab. The main problem I am having is with my o/a tank placement on such a small platform. The oxygen tank is roughly 52 inches tall and I think eight inches in diameter. The Acetelyne tank is half as tall and just as wide. My main concern is trying to recess the tanks into the bed. I could go outside the frame rails in front of the rear drivers side tire, or behind the tire. I could remove the spare tire from under the truck and relocate to a rack above the welder and use that space for the tanks. The problem with the later two is taking up work space on the rear of the bed. I could try for an angled set up behind the welder on the passenger side, but feel like that would not be right. Can anyone give any pointers on setting up on such a small platform as this?