I have a new project that is requiring lag bolts to ancher down a panel. The problem is the owner wants all the fastening hardware to be fancier like allen heads etc. The smallest lag bolt I can get away with has a 9/16 head and I would like to go to a bigger head size if possible. The problem is finding covers for the bolt heads to make them more cosmeticly pleasing. I have found several places on the net that have this covers, the problem is the ones that are reasonable aka not $5 a piece only go up to a 7/16 head. Every thing above a 7/16 head size seems to be 5-7 dollars a piece instead of 50 cents a piece like at http://www.pro-dec.com/Satin-Chrome-...XCAP-7-16-SCHR.

Please if someone could help it would be great!!!
Thanks in advance, Nick