a miller welder/product can be repaired at any reputable authorized dealer regardless of where you buy it. my LWS told me that when i was looking at getting my MIG on line. and although i have never needed service on amy of my Miller equipment over the last 6 years i have had them i know i could have taken it to my LWS for service should i need it. thats a big part of why i spent the extra $$ to get a miller. as you said its a lot of $$ i don't want to spend all that $ only to have it break 6 months later and end up with a paper wait because i cant get it fixed. my LWS is also an authorized thermal arc repair and seller so i can get service for it locally also. the $ i spent on it was very hard to come by and i did not want to risk a paper wait with it aether. you should always look into service options in your area be for you buy any brand. miller is good about having an option almost any where but thermal arc was at the time not so well covered by service so i checked be for purchasing. if i could not get local service i would have stuck it out and kept saving till i could afford the dyn200, probably another year. i also got my TA-185 at ioc and had a service issue with it when i got it and it was covered and taken care of locally with no down time..