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Thread: Help Needed

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    I wonder how many of these one-post-and-gone guys are the same guy shamed into starting over with a new name.

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    I gotta weigh in on this thread. I'm an old geezer and have mentored a bunch of young folks. A couple of observations:
    - You'all are exactly right for jumping on this young man for submitting such a poorly written post, particularly when a spell checker is available. In the past I've even been more critical of young folks who write poorly written emails. One of the best learning experiences can be a heavy slap up side the head.
    - However, if you want young folks, or inexperienced folks (like me) to continue to participate in this forum, I think the way in which you criticize someone should be a bit more tolerant. As a business owner, I would never criticize someone like this in public - but I've sure given a few ass chewings (did I spell that correct?) in private. A Private Message may have been a better choice for a young man new to this forum.
    - Whether this young man realizes it or not, he just got a real big life lesson. He can be offended by these posts, or learn from them; his choice. And, we all might learn something from how this email thread sounds.
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    MT Bob if there was any critisism involved it was "tea party" polite, and there was certainly no "azz chewing" that I see anywhere in the thread. But then I've got thick skin and don't get all hurt by interweb post's either.

    I can understand the original question, the guy doesn't know and is looking for an answer.
    I also understand the response, I'll pharaphrase: you'll learn more by learning where to find the answer in real life as opposed to a quick answer on the net. I agree with that take, I have to search out answers every week to things I don't know how to do, and that capability of finding the right people for the right thing has served me pretty well in my business.

    I'll add that spelling correctly (and I'm a serial killer of both grammer and spelling) is a major plus in dealing with people who have a lot of money to spend doing business with me. Spell check is my friend, and my wife/chic/office manager's grasp of grammer is helpfull as well.

    Anyone that's offended by the opinions put forth in this very civilized thread, would really have a hard time walking on one of our job sites as the boys would have them reduced to tears before lunch time
    If they weren't giving me a steady stream of semi-good natured grief, I'd think they didn't love me anymore

    Some days you eat the bear. And some days the bear eats you.

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    Hi There,

    Well having just joined this forum and have been greeted with this thread!! What a warm welcome!

    I am affraid that I do know of people who will try and 'freeload' off of others, however I do like to think that there are people out there who can and will lend a hand when appropriate.

    As far as this guys spelling and punctuation, hey i'm not the best at either but I do try and some people are better at using their hands than the academic side of things. I dont see that his spelling and punction problems is in any way a good excuse for someone to start laying into the poor fella!

    Anyway as for the original post, I cant help but hope your project goes ok.


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    wow i love how thiswent from my thread to socail thread great this is hopeless

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    Default "i love how thiswent......socail......"

    Quote Originally Posted by MakerWelds6976 View Post
    wow i love how thiswent from my thread to socail thread great this is hopeless
    U must b textng w/ur other hand......

    "Bonne journe'e mes amis"

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    Quote Originally Posted by davedarragh View Post
    U must b textng w/ur other hand......

    GOOD ONE DAVE, Ha !!

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