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    Default Thunderbolt Question

    Hi everyone, Quick question... I know I can DC TIG weld with my Miller Blue Star 185DX, but is there any difference if I wanted to buy and use a Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC machine in the DC mode to TIG weld? The engine driven Blue Star lists that one of it's processes is DC TIG, but the Thunderbolt lists AC and DC stick only. I'm thinking it will, but I know there are more brilliant minds among you that can answer this question. Thanks!

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    i dont see an issue, scratch start with a manual gas valve torch
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    I do it with mine. The arc isn't that great...but then all I do with it is practice technique and form anyway. I don't think I'd actually try to do much more than play around with it. It works great for that.

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    No problem at all in DC- only. You will be unable to TIG in AC mode.
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