great looking fence
did a fence a few yrs. ago around a pool for the same reasons/ for my best friends bark! bark!/
built mine out of thin wall molly tubing ( long story but i just had it at a bargan)1 in. 035 wall and 5/8 025 wall round /the reason i am mailing is if you have never had the experince of closing a hollow tube the pressure will suprise you/i now drill a vent hole in all closed tubes pre weld then post heat and finally after some time to let the water vapor and whatever they coat the inside with evaporate then i close the vent/the fence is over 25 yrs. old and out side of external matinence it has not a drop of rust on the deck or water swelling in 12 degree weather/i was lucky for once 4130/ has enough chrome in it to help with rust/if there is no water inside the tube it will not burst/i know this fence is kind'a of over kill and i will catch a lot of flack from you guys but it works/ i am always willing to hear your views and i learn something every time i sign on/ so blow me away if i am wrong/i am not perfect just ask my wife !!! for bells and whisels on fencing try KING METALS .com/ xxx weld dudes pat from texas