Well, since alcohol requires quite a bit more volume than regular petroleum based fuels i had to come up with a way to improve flow at higher pressures and keeping pressure at higher volumes

Since the pics are not hosted on a third party serve will just link to the build thread on my Mitsubishi forums.. Hope thats cool...well let me know what you think, they are 2 walbro 255lph pumps running in parallel.

There wasn't much welding (some low silicone bronze TIG-brazing was most of it) then there was the "H" frame that attachés the pumps to each other.. a few little welds there too

Let me know what you guys and galls think... I built the entire fuel system, pumps, lines fittings and all for less than the price of only the aftermarket dual pump hanger for a Mitsubishi eclipse (which are all known to leak from square one) 'm hoping to be leak free *prays*

If this checks out good, the it's install the new turbo (should be in by next Thursday or so), add the nitrous, longer wheel studs for my custom 15 inch rims that hold my clickes... wold have go them today but the store was out of stock

Here's the link, it's a simple project, but i'm very prod f how coena it came out, The fuel distribution block had to be made with a 4 inch angle grinder since my late and mill are at my folks place and i'm sure they wouldn't be happy to m=wake up to me mahciing