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    Quote Originally Posted by NewMexSmoke View Post
    Am looking for ideas, plans, suggestions of a device I can fab up to discourage some thief from stealing my vehicle.

    Thie device will be in addition to other commercial devices I already have. The idea is to build something the thief hasn't seen before and is not prepared to defeat.

    I've considered building my own wheel lock/boot but am open to other ideas. With the knowledge and experience on this forum, I'm betting there are some good ones.

    you didn't state what kind of vehicle. are we talking your welding rig. and do you need to lock the tools better also?
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    Default An effective alarm

    1) I like the idea of a paging alarm. Not that I think it would be smart to confront every thief, but at least I have the option.

    2) Attach the alarm to the door handle. Every thief will check to see if a car is unlocked by tugging on the handle or on older cars, pressing the button. Either way, its a positive indication that someone is messing with your car and its time to a) page the owner and b) sound a piercing alarm that will make them jump out of their shoes.

    As for theft deterrent. If the thief is still going for it - I like the idea of an intermittent disabler. Kill the motor after 30 seconds, then 10, then 20, then 5...

    One thing to remember, if they really really want to get your car. The pull up with a roll-back and drag your car on to it. Your only chance is an alarm and a pager (and a probably a decent amount of firepower).

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    removable steering wheel. not too many car thieves carry a spare wheel with them.
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    Airbags and other controls in them makes that a bad idea in modern cars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishy Jim View Post
    Airbags and other controls in them makes that a bad idea in modern cars.
    True, it's obviously a better solution in an older car/truck
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    Well, one of my father's favorite tricks was to get an old Model A magneto, wire up a set of toggle switches, and then wire the magneto to the battery and car body. One switch on the dash made sure the "alarm" was turned off, while another was hidden in the fenderwell - you had to have BOTH switches on for it to work. Flip the one on the dash, get out, flip the one under the wheelwell, and walk away. First person to grab that doorhandle - WHAM!! He came back a few times to find someone knocked flat on his back from the electrical charge ... usually with wet pants. Can't really do that on today's plastic cars, but the cars from the '40's through '70's .... oh yeah ....

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    ^^ ive always wanted to do an electrified handle. and other than saturn's there arent that many plastic car out there. but on todays cars i think it would be better to have a feature like this on a plastic door so the shock doesnt fry the ecm.

    on my project car i shaved the out side handles as well as the inside handles so the only way the doors open is with the remote or from the hidden buttons inside the cabin. combined with a paging alarm with glass break sensor and an AEM stand alone engine management system that lets me turn off the injectors when i leave it parked and requires my laptop which is unlocked by my fingerprint to turn them back on. this does however make it a long process to just get in the car and go in a hurry! (not a daily driver) i plan to make this a little easier by adding a keypad in the center console like in all the transporter movies and put it in line with the ignition signal

    but i think this is my favorite, i remember seeing this on the news a few years back, there was a company actually installing these things, awsome.

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    you could alwase make something that hooks your brake peddle up.

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    I like the ones that hook your steering wheel and brake pedal together because then they can't get in to mess with it so they have to have the door open.

    My buddies and I are trying to come up with one that locks the doors and fill your car with water but we have hit a few snags in the planning process.

    Just my thoughts.

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