I was driving through Chicago a couple weeks ago in the midle of the night and I saw all kinds of x-ray trucks at the hotels. I didn't really know there was much work there, but there sure were allot of trucks. I was dozing off (actually I was driving for an unknown amount of time with my chin on my chest) so I decided to pull off and get a coke. It was the middle of the night and I didn't even know what state I was in but I saw a rig truck getting fuel. I pulled over and was shooting the bull with him and he said he was running a 42" line to Centraila IL for the local union. I asked what union, and he told me...I remember it started with a 5, but I was so tired I don't remember the rest. I asked him what town it was in and he told me ( I don't remember) and then I asked him what state we were currently in ( I didn't really know ). I think this wierded him out cause he didn't want to exchange cards and left in a hurry. Hey, I was tired.

Anyway, how do I find this union? I know it's a local in the Chicago'ish, central Illinois area and it starts with a 5. Anybody have any ideas? I'll leave Colorado tomorow if they've got some work, but I need a number first. Help me out fellas...please.

oh, btw, pictures of the new rig truck comming soon!