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Thread: Tig upgrade?

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    About the only thing I see that machine being a "Tig Upgrade" to, is two 12V batteries and a carbon electrode.

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    Makes one wonder where they could get something like that serviced.... I doubt anywhere in the US...just a speculation.
    Rich Ferguson
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    Jackson Welding Supply Co.
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    Service? WHAT service?!!! and how long does it takes to get parts from China???
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    It seems like (if you're in the USA) that you'd be better off spending the extra $800 for a Dynasty 200 or V160T...

    Clint Baxley
    Baxley Welding Service
    Rembert, SC 29128

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    arcindustry Guest

    Default TIG Upgrade Box

    Quote Originally Posted by weld_13 View Post
    Has anyone heard of these or used one? . I have heard of these form several places but this is the first time I have seen one for sale.thanks
    Hi Guys,

    It's a box that provides a HF arc initiation circuit, Gas solenoid. post flow timer. The control input is for a Trigger switch mounted on the torch to activate the arc ignition and gas. The box gives you everything required to upgrade your tired old DC arc welder to an introductory TIG welder. The box does not manipulate current, just overlays the HF onto the welding current and controls gas. We introduced this product for the older chaps in the welding community that want to TIG in DC without giving up their arc welder,

    We cannot directly service the product outside of Australia but we can assist with supply of parts if required but they are quite a simple box hence the low price.


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