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    How's this one? Its a Victor" Type Gas Welding and Cutting Kit
    Torch Handle
    Oxygen Regulator Acetylene Regulator
    Cutting Attachment
    Cutting Nozzle No. 2
    Welding Nozzles (No.0, No. 2 & No. 4)
    Twin Hose: 15'x 1/4" with Fittings
    Tip Cleaner,Goggles, Spark Lighter, Spanner

    No tanks though, what size tanks should I get? I'm only welding small motorcycle parts.


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    You are taking this issue too lightly. How old are you?? With no real experience and what seems to be an unwillingness to listen or learn you will waste your money or get hurt. Did you read through the Tinmantech web site? I have a Smith AW1 that i have used with limited success. Ron White has some videos available for rent at smartflix. If i were trying to do what you are i would go this route for a torch http://tinmantech.chainreactionweb.c...s_id=56#prod56

    Either way i think you will be disapointed.

    If i were buying tanks and wanted them small and portable i would get a Acetylene "B" tank and an 80 CF of Oxygen.

    You also need to learn about welding safety, especially if you go the gas route. You need to be reading everything you can get your hands on. i would get this book, i had to order it from an ESAB dealer:

    Once again, i'm happy to help if i can.
    Dynasty 200 DX
    Millermatic 175
    Spectrum 375
    All kinds of Smith OA gear

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    Listen to Laiky about not buying the Harbor Freight junk. On thin aluminum you would be surprised what a Dynasty will do on 110 volts. I recently made a pigtail adapter for my Dynasty and showed my step father what a real welder is capable of , needless to say he was shocked what could be done on 110 volts. I think you need to forget about gas welding aluminum for now , pretty steep learning curve in my opinion. A Miller Diversion might be a good choice for you if money is a factor but you must have 220 volts for it. You got good advice on taking 2 110 volt outlets and making a special adapter for 220 , wish I'd have thought of that one[thanks bodybagger].Welders and fabricators have more common sense than most folks and this site proves it.

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