I live up here on the Atlantic coast in New England. We get a lot of 2-4" heavy wet snow storms. This kind of stuff just clogs up a snow blower.

I recently bought a sett of tire chains for my 9.5HP / 28" snow blower and was impressed on how much more "push" it had with the chains.

I thought a small snow plow for the wet stuff might work out great. So last night I rummaged around in the junk pile and whipped up this snow plow that attaches to the front of the snow blower. It pivots right or left, and totally upright and stores out of the way of the blower. The extra weight on the blower might help its performance also. The blade is 36"w X 11"h

Now I can't wait for the next snowfall...........Although it worked great in the back-yard in about 6" of old snow.............