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    Default Searching For The "Perfect" Mailbox

    After years and years of mailbox catastrophes, I decided to build the "perfect" mailbox. My criteria was to build a box that:
    - has a frame that will withstand attacks from kids with bats, snow plows & drunks - the box is made of 3/16 plate
    - must rotate so snow plow won't tear off box - see kick shoe on back of post mount
    - is big enough to handle large packages or accumulation of mail for extended period
    - has height adjustment to make mail delivery guy happy - see adjustment on post that can be move to fit car or truck window height
    - has a positive door latching mechanism - I used high strength, adjustable magnet
    - has a way of moving mail that is shoved to back so it is easily accessible - see pull out slide to move mail forward towards door
    - minimizes water entry (using false flooring & overhang on door) - the floor offset from bottom about 3/4"
    - has a substantial flag that won't flop around - used tension washers to place friction on the arm and position restrains on arm in up & down position
    - and cannot be easily stolen.
    Here are the photos of the mail box finally in place. I don't know exactly what the box weighs, it took two of us to mount it. I drove the 4" post about 4 feet into the ground with our post pounder. The box is very slightly tilted to the front to assure water drainage. So far the box hasn't suffered any attacks, but I'm waiting to see what kind of damage a car or truck will get when they hit this thing. At this point I wouldn't say this is the "Perfect" mailbox, but it's getting close. I'm still working on a door locking mechanism that is acceptable to the mail delivery guy. And I'm thinking of putting a small LED light inside the box so I can see what's in there at night. My wife thinks I'm crazy for noodling around with this thing so much... but, that's what happens when you retire and have a Miller Mig Welder (I love my 251!).
    Attached Images Attached Images
    MM 251 w/Spool gun
    MM 135
    Evolution Cut Off saw
    Logan Lathe
    Clausing Mill
    Walker Turner Drill Press

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