I do not recall ever seeing a service body or deck mounted in the manner you described - hard mounted in front, and spring mounted at rear. I have my reservations, but am open minded and interested in seeing the pictures.

Anything will be better than the shop that I went to in June. Very disappointing. You guys will L-O-V-E how THEY mount decks.

4 pieces of 4" x 1/4" angle iron about 3-1/2" long placed down each frame rail, so 8 pieces total. Each piece of angle has a single 5/8" GRADE 5 bolt in it, and then the deck is sized up for fit. They cut any old piece of garbage they can find (c-channel, square or rectangular tubing, etc) to make up the height difference, string it over both frame rails and stitch weld it on with the deck sitting on the frame. No consideration is given to reinforcing these stanchions (sp?) front to rear, no matter the height. Most of the decks have tow aprons and are used for farm or light industrial applications. I can't imagine the force exerted on the stanchions or "filler blocks" where they contact the deck, trying to twist and tear them off. Shoddy, REALLY shoddy.