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    May 2008
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    Default Ugly Cart Contest - Entry #1

    Well I figured you folks could use a laugh so here's something I lashed together in the woodworking shop out of scraps - I call it "Woody The Welder Cart"

    I've got a brand new Dynasty, and I have yet to be able to fire it up becuase it's just too cold in the garage. I have a woodworking shop that's attached to the garage but I dare not light a match in there or the whole place will go up like a Roman candle with all the sawdust and tinder dry wood scraps etc.

    How cold you are probably wondering - well, the other morning it was -30 - yep MINUS THIRTY outside.

    This cart is based on 2 themes - 1) something that I can use temporarily while I am learning how to weld and 2) No purchase of any materials.

    I started with a 2x4 and spikes table that my father had built about 20 years ago and then started scounging around the woodshop and adding pieces here and there. There's some wood from an old futon bed frame I made in university, some casters that were sitting in a box, etc. In the end, I actually had something. I caught myself laughing on more than one occassion as I was building it.

    Anyway, it got me to thinking - perhaps we should have an ugly cart thread to see if anyone can top this contraption.

    Cheers and thanks for the great forums here - I am learning all sorts of things here while I wait for the winter to pass


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    Question "Wood Welding"

    Lewis: Gives new meaning to "TWIG" welding!

    Hope it warms up for you, if I remember, you got that Dynasty for free?

    It was around Xmas time, and you forgot to get some filler metal as I recall. You should have a blast with it, once it warms up in your shop.

    Let us know how you like it.

    Dave, in sunny, warm Phoenix, Az (+78F)
    "Bonne journe'e mes amis"

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    to me it isn't ugly....different maybe....but not ugly.

    As far as welding goes you could do your prep in the shop and take the welder into the house and weld on the kitchen table
    Tig is like surgery...clean and pure...esp. if you are single
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    It's really not ugly at all.
    It is actually kinda cute.
    So is that argon bottle.
    I don't know if it just me or not, but I go thru a lot of argon, tig welding.
    I switched from the medium sized bottle to the largest one
    There is a size in between that I would prefer but my lws says they are rare.

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    Actually a really nice cart, but it doesn't inspire confidence in the "Weldor"
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    Nice look cart!!!
    I would have it on fire in no time.
    But that's me, a Thurley dangerous man.
    Be careful with it.
    Be safe

    Give more than you get and
    you will get more than ya need.
    This is true for the good and bad
    that life puts out.

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    whats with the base on the argon tank? is it sitting on something or is it part of the tank?


    "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by migwelder05 View Post
    whats with the base on the argon tank? is it sitting on something or is it part of the tank?
    Looks to me like some thing that was turned on a lathe.
    Nice work.

    Fun to play with all mediums.
    Me i like metal, wood, plastics and my jeep.
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    Jan 2008


    What did you use for filler? Ash, Oak or Aspen?
    Weekend wannab racer with some welders.

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    May 2008
    Fredericton, NB Canada


    Hi gents - thanks for the comments. You know, the more I look at this funny cart the more I think I will invest in a few coats of paint seeing as I am waiting for spring anyway.

    Yes, that's the welder I got for free. And I finally got the filler rod etc. over Christmas, just about time the temps started dropping like a stone around here. I actually considered moving the entire rig into the house and making a little pigtail for the dryer plug but unfortunately I am not single anymore and need to keep the peace

    The bottom of the argon bottle is a little flanged foot of some sort that's part of the bottle. It's thick too - about 1/4" I think. The bottle sits pretty stable but I fashioned up a strap and some saddles (also out of wood ) just to be sure. Based on the date codes on the bottle it looks like this is an old one - I "think" the oldest date is in the late 40s

    I actually had quite a laugh lashing this thing together. It became a "quest" of sorts trying not to buy even so much as a wood screw to put it together. I'm really looking forward to learning how to tig weld when I can get out in the garage with it. In the meantime you may see me pop up with some questions from time to time.

    Dave - I spent a Christmas in Phoenix many years ago - it was the weirdest Christmas I ever had - I mean being able to walk out in your shorts and pick oranges off a tree on Christmas day - just plain wrong as far as I am concerned - hehe.


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