Well I figured you folks could use a laugh so here's something I lashed together in the woodworking shop out of scraps - I call it "Woody The Welder Cart"

I've got a brand new Dynasty, and I have yet to be able to fire it up becuase it's just too cold in the garage. I have a woodworking shop that's attached to the garage but I dare not light a match in there or the whole place will go up like a Roman candle with all the sawdust and tinder dry wood scraps etc.

How cold you are probably wondering - well, the other morning it was -30 - yep MINUS THIRTY outside.

This cart is based on 2 themes - 1) something that I can use temporarily while I am learning how to weld and 2) No purchase of any materials.

I started with a 2x4 and spikes table that my father had built about 20 years ago and then started scounging around the woodshop and adding pieces here and there. There's some wood from an old futon bed frame I made in university, some casters that were sitting in a box, etc. In the end, I actually had something. I caught myself laughing on more than one occassion as I was building it.

Anyway, it got me to thinking - perhaps we should have an ugly cart thread to see if anyone can top this contraption.

Cheers and thanks for the great forums here - I am learning all sorts of things here while I wait for the winter to pass