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I've got a closet full of them, first Grandpa's old clothes, then some of my pop's.

In years past we used them often on exhaust pipes with gas heat.

They actually work pretty good.

Back on subject, inspect, inspect and then clean and inspect. Think it is great the project is moving forward, no one teaches maintenance any more...

Hey Aaron, thought that would get a rise out of you
Ha Ha yeah, I have seen the old hangers, they were made from some pretty soft iron to be able to be formed like they were, maybe it was just a simple low carbon drwn iron wire not too different from RG-45. For fun I should dig one up and have it scanned. The torch is pretty forgiving of filler, in fact the less alloying elements, the more fluid it seems to weld, kind of the opposite of electric welding. You know back in the late 1960's , most of the aircraft companies were using Oxweld 1 and Oxweld 65 for their tig welding on 4130?