Resurrecting this old thread for a little update. A few months ago I sold the 200DX I reviewed above as I was not using it and it had been sitting idle for almost 8 months. Last week had to order a new 200DX and I ended up getting the Tigrunner which I set up on Friday. I had enough time to get it all in order and run a few test beads but I wanted to pass along something that Miller has finally done that is really the icing on the cake for this unit.

On all previous versions of the 200's, changing the tig start parameters used to be a real PIA. First the machine had to be off so if you were welding and wanted/needed to change settings, you had to turn it off. Then, you had to turn it on while depressing a couple of the buttons on front of the unit and then the software would drop you into the hidden menus. Then, you make whatever changes you needed and once again, turn the unit off in order to save the settings. Now, turn the machine back on and you're good to go.

I talked with Miller engineers on several occasions about this and always got the same old line of "the software isn't capable of that". Funny how you don't have to go through all that crap on my 350. Although, IIRC, I used to have to do it on my 300. At any rate, it was a real pain and completely unnecessary IMHO.

So, when I went to check the defaults for the new 200, I read in the manual where you are now able to access the hidden parameter menus WITHOUT going through all those gymnastics. It didn't really offer the info up per-say, rather it just instructs you on how to do the procedure. Suffice to say that it is now MUCH easier to change settings on the new 200's. There will be more to follow in a review I do on the TigRunner package next week.