Ok, so I am the proud owner of a new Miller Spectrum 125C - my first plasma cutter.

Works great - well it did....So I was happily practicing cutting steel and anything else I could get my hands on in my workshop for hours and hours, no problems. Saturday 10pm I stop. Put down the torch, turned it off, went upstairs to family.

Sunday night, turn on the cutter, put the torch on the metal I wanted to cut, pulled trigger...<tink> breakers go for the room. Ok, flip breaker, try again, same story. In the end I work out that just pulling the trigger on the torch trips the breaker. Hmmm. Decide that it's something to do with voltage drops. So I get an extension cord, run it to another room and plug the cutter in. This time I get to the point where the first sparks come out of the other side of the metal and...now the fault light comes on the cutter it stops but the breaker doesn't trip. I checked the voltage on the socket - 118.

Between Sat night and Sunday night NOTHING changed, I didn't do anything..could it be the (new) cutter ? My crappy wiring ? Both ?

any suggestions welcome, I'm dying to get back to cutting !