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Neat rigs!
How do you get the bottles in and out of the Hummer?
I was thinking that louvered sheet metal sides,(like the hood) around the bed would keep criminal minds from seeing the equip. And still give ventilation.
Might even work on the trailer as well???
Just a thought.
I would still like to have them like they are!!!
We get the bottles in and out using our forklift.

See those black knobs on the side cover, in front of the bottles? Unscrew those, and that side cover swings forward on hinges allowing complete access to any of the 4 bottles in there.

As for criminal minds being tempted, we're on a secure military base. Armed guards at the gate and such. Very little to worry about. However, since there is no key needed to start and drive the HMMWV, she is garage kept.....parked inside our shop over night and on weekends. Worst we have to worry about is the teenagers from base housing, and from what I've seen they cause very little trouble.