I know everybody has one or 2 so lets hear yours

So last night I was working on a Chrysler Concord (POS) trying to change cradle bushings, and the factory nut plate rounded off inside the frame rail. Much to my dismay I discovered it was a captive design in the frame rail, to make things worse I had to have the car out of the garage last night. Well before it was all said and done I had to plasma cut the frame rail open, remove the nut plate, weld additional metal on to the nut plate and then put it all back together. The worse weld part comes in at the first layer of frame rail (2 layers thick) and it was covered in galvanizing and that combined with the plasma cut edge did not make for a great first weld (grind reweld). I made up for it on the second layer of frame rail. But it was not pretty and I hope nobody ever sees it.

Before anybody gets excited I know for a fact that the repair is strong enough and that the car is safe to drive.