I will go with the various others opinions. I started with a solid mig and then added a Dynasty 200DX and later added a XMT 300 and S64M feeder. I have Mig capacity out of this world and AC and DC Tig.

Trying to buy one machine to do both Mig and Tig neither will be superior. Miller made a machine years ago called the Shopmaster 300 and it was a fair welder but not the best in any catagory. Definently better in Mig than Tig but I saw the worst of it in AC Tig simply weak at best.

My MM210 is awesome. The Dynasty 200DX fantastic, and my XMT is very nice.

Buy the best you can afford, if one machine has to do all of that then do not try to do aluminum as the XMT's do very well in DC Tig and Mig with the right feeder that is.

Good luck,