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    Default decision about what kin of generator to buy

    I am going to be moving to the Big Island of Hawaii soon and I have to make a decision regarding what type/model/make of a "all purpose" generator.

    I will be 'off grid' and I will be using the generator for household power as well as welding work. I will be using Deep cycle batteries for low power appliances and the generator will resupply batteries when the generatoris needed for high power appliances.

    The welding gear I have is a Dynasty200DX, Millermatic 180 w/auto set,and a 373extreme Plasma cutter ( and of course the usual,, compressor,angle cutter/grinders, chop saw).

    Can anyone with experience give me some suggestions as to a suitable generator for this situation? Is there a convertor for feed back to the deep cycle batteries?

    Thanks guys!

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    I'm not sure that I can help but I have a couple of questions. Are you going to be 100% reliant on the gen set? No power to you at all other than the gen set? How long will you need this? It's fairly easy to add up amps and see what size gen set you need, but if you need it for an extended time you will probably need something in an industrial machine rather than a welder/generator setup.

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    Default GenSets

    Before you leave the States, visit They've got generators up to 300Kw. Based in Mississippi, they have service centers and a distribution network to fulfill your needs. Call @601-932-5674. Northern Tools seels them as well. You might be able to work something out and have one shipped while you're in transist, and have it ready to go when you get there.

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    You can get a Converterr/Charger pretty much anywhere on line- a Decent Rv shop will have them.

    Just about every Rv has one.

    I have an Iota in my Trailer.
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    bremerton washington

    Default decision about what kind of Generater to buy

    I appreciate the input guys and any other that wish to provide additional suggestions, To answer some of the questions:

    I will be using the generater in line with a series of Deep Cycle batteries to store power from both Solar cells and the generater when used for other appliances. At least that is how my Brother used to do it for his house in Hi before the power grid reached his property.

    We bought acreage OFF the power grid hense the need for an alternative system.

    I expected that a non-welding dedicated generater would be neccesary. I originally thought perhaps a Miller generater would be good but know it appears that the Miller would not be best suited as an "all-purpose" generator. I will look into the suggestions given for a power source.

    Sorry for the multiple message submissions! My Bad!

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    What are you going to run on batteries and with the generator? I would think a refrigerator would sap the batteries pretty quick.

    If you have good but not great wind available, you can build a generator by cutting a plastic barrel in half length ways. Bolt the halves back together on the opposite side with an axle in between. Then drive a regular car alternator or generator. This is for low winds conditions. Its cheap to build. You can find info on the net by searching vertical axis wind generator.
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    You could get like a 4 kw solar setup, to the tune of 30 Thousand $. So what do you plan to burn with this generator ie. gas lp nat gas?
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    mulugod, my sister lives just outside of Hilo and she/husband had to put in about 10 telephone poles to run their electric from the road. Are you going to need a lot more than that? I think it cost them about $10,000.
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