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    Default f/s sycrowave 250 w/coolmate

    This thing is taking up room and it doesnt get used anymore so hopefully it can go to a good home and get used.
    I have not had one problem with this machine, I bought it from a guy that had a body shop but he never used it (just machine). He told me it had less than 50 hours on it and for the year and a half I had it I probably put another 200-300 hours on it before I got a dynasty350.

    It comes with the machine, coolmate 3(1 year old miller coolant), 25ft blackdiamond wp20 torch w/ leather cover, ground lead and clamp, flowmeter, pretty much all youll need is a bottle and a place to plug it in.
    The cart is all stainless with 4" HD casters, it also has a booster seat for running a smaller bottle.
    pm me or email or post here if interseted or have questions.
    I am near springfield, mo.


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    Jul 2007
    Batavia, NY


    Nice looking unit for a '92. I like the SS cart, did you make it?
    Rich Ferguson
    Sales Technician
    Jackson Welding Supply Co.
    "Keep America Strong.....Weld It"

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    Thanks, yeah I made it, it turn out pretty nice.

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    Im sure a price would help, Id like to get $1800 for it.

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    rajun asian Guest


    Hi there. Is the Sync 2so still for sale? If so, where are you located?

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