I just bought a Miller Maxstar 150STL and tried welding with it today. I have a few questions, though.

I was using 3/32 6011 rods and welding on 1/8" steel plate.

When I was welding at 60A, I burned through the material at times. However, If I went down to ~55A, I couldn't get a continuous arc. It kept fizzling out on me. What would cause this, and what amperage should I be using for 1/8"?

While the arcs were fizzling out on me, The blue power light flashed on and off for a while. According to the manual, there was an error code. What would have caused that? On the hobart board, someone said it was due to a bad capacitor?

Then I tried welding some thinner metal (a coffee can, I'm not even sure this is weldable) and even at the lowest setting on the machine, it blew right through. Do I need smaller electrodes?