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    Laiky, sorry for your loss. Its so hard to give up someone you love. At least she's in a better place.
    Joe in NY

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    Default Laiky

    My sympathy out to you buddy... Don't know what I will do when I lose my gave him 3 years to live and it's already been 5 (3 leaky heart valves)....
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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    Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    I'm sorry for your loss.
    I am still very lucky to have both of my parents however their health is not the best. We had a scare when my dad had a heart attack, ever since then I have the thought of losing them in the back of my mind and I dread the thought of the hollow feeling I'm sure it will leave.
    Your remaining family and your friends will help you get by in such a tough time and those of us here will hold you in our thoughts and prayers.

    The tribute is very fitting and very well done, good job.
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    Default I'm very sorry for you loss. and DON'T GIVE UP THE GOOD WORK

    I'm very sorry for you loss, AND DON'T GIVE UP THE GOOD WORK
    Quote Originally Posted by Laiky View Post
    Before i start i would like to apologize to all those who have suffered losses. I always felt that there was nothing i could say to help some one who lost a loved one. I regret to say i have found out through personal experience that, that is not true.

    On December 30 2008 I lost the person in my life i was closest to, my Mother. She became suddenly ill on the 28th, we called EMS and took her to the hospital. Things went bad fast and she lost her battle about 2:15 pm tuesday December 30. I was with her holding her hand when she passed. At the age of 37 i have lost friends (sept 11) and relatives (grand parents). Never some one so close to me though. My life has never taken me where i wanted it to, and many things never went the way they do for most people. I loved that i got to know my Mother as an adult and we were great friends. I got my love of mechanics and fabrication from her. She spent her life as a pattern maker, and clothing designer and was a great cook. I took to wood and metal. Her Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid are a few feet from my Dynasty. Cooking with her was one of my favorite things to do, and we enjoyed the last Christmas dinner we made together. We were born 2 days apart. She went out of her way on a daily basis to make my day a little more special. I couldn't love her more. As i was wrestling with what was happening, i felt i needed to do something to express my feelings and to tell how i felt about her. So I came up with the attached. The "Thank You Mom" is from me. What else do you say to someone who spent your whole life giving to you. I made one for each member of our immediate family to give to her as a last gift. They are made from some Titanium i had, so they would last, hopefully my lifetime.

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