EDIT:although there's a lot of description of my car the longblock was the only part i built and installed in the 4 days before leaving omaha in the following , just so it's clear i didn't build a complete car or have 20k to throw away in one year..this has beena work in progress for 10 years now.. I got the car as a 12k mile 1 year lease termination..and in the last 2 years the complete driveline has been replaced with upgraded parts as well

Well, several different things went on all at once for me this Christmass/New Years week.

I had hydrolocked my car's engine back in September and just around christmass I finally got the block, crank, Rods and pistons back from the machine shop and began assembly a day or 2 before christmass day.

Went through **** as i was set for a departure date of 12/28/08 to go to TX to get hitched to my woman who would have already been my wife if the USAF hadn't changed a date on us.

Anyway... The car ...

97 Mitsubishi Eclipse - 4G63T engine 9:1 forged Wiseco pistons, Eagle H-Beam Rods, ACL race bearings, 264/272 camshaft combo, Ti retiners and brian crower valve springs, Converted to run on E85 (this stuff's better than C16 all day at 1/4th the price easy) And swapped out the heavy steel flywheel for an 8lb unit from Fidanza, it's aluminum iwth a replaceable friction surface so it would hoipefully never need replaced, only serviced.

All controlled by a Haltech engine management system..Not to mention the thousand other little things and the To4e 57 trim turbo (soon to be a holset HX35), Spearco front mount intercooler and gobs and gobs of other little engine bolt-ons.

The transmission.. Team Rip Engineering Stage 2.5 W/ Quaiffe ATB Limited slip diferential

Before the parts added in this post the car was running all the same external mods not mentioned , this includes the tranny.

My previous best was a 12.08x @ 119 MPH spinning slicks all through 2nd gear. Going out and oping to break deep into the 11's this year and get kicked from teh track for not having a roll cage yet (the only reason i'd ever like to be kicked off the track from racing)

BUilt this in 4 days and put the motor in in time to get to TX on the 30th, see my woman, and get hitched. ANd since the car was done it wasn't even on my mind and she didn'thave to hear about it (win - win situation)

After spending 6 days with my now "official" lovely wife, i drove back from lacklund AFB in san antonio TX, to my front door in omaha straight through 957 miles, and made it in 13.5 hours ( 2 full hours under mapquest's ETA while following their directions - another win.. i love racing the clock )

Now that i'm back, i'm tucking wires, cleaning up and changing the things i felt needed tweaking while driving it this week. I have this strange lack of recolection of the "3rd leg" on the oil pump pick-up (since my friend took the pan from the old motor and swapped it onto the new short block i can't recall for sure if the 3rd bolt was ever put on and torqed) So i will be double checking tomorrow... Also busted a hole in my flex section in the exhaust so that will be fixed tomorrow too...

Then hopefully in the next few month before i move i will go break 450HP to the wheel on all turbo...then i want to crack anywhere past 500 WHP with no more than the addition of a 75 - 100 shot of laughing gas... All these new mods with all new suspension and driveline should make my car very very fun this summer..Best part is that it looks about as stcok as they come (only lowered about an inch) and the only give away is the intercooler shining in the mouth of the bumper

HOpefully i'll get pics up soon.. And I wil post dyno vids and sheets when i make it.

Oh... Forgot to mention .. Old HP figures on a mustang dyno at the wheels

PUmp gas 92 octane 332hp/312lb.ft torque ...Then the same combo on E85 and way over working the turbo (and i mean way past efficient) boasted 431hp 396lb/ft .... Trying to get teh 450whp with out stressing the new compressor...

i'll update as i can.. and thanks for all teh help and suppor that came from this place and it's members!!!!