[QUOTE=dabar39;171281]It looks as if I'm gonna have to recall all 647 trailers built at my location, all this time I thought myself and the other trailer manufacturers had something going with our designs. Boy, I guess we were wrong, 1" tubing and balsa wood was all we ever needed.

I can not even imagine how great a loss of profits I've had by not using 1" tube for the frames. Just thinking of the money I have spent on what I thought were the proper materials astounds me. I probably would'a been a gazillionaire by now.

At least it's not too late for me to reinvent the wheel, starting today I will start offering all of my trailers with a 1" square tube truss design frame as it is so much better than what we have commonly seen on the open trailer market. I'm sure all of the other manufacturers will follow this new engineering design as well.

hey man.........don't forget the CA