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Hello, I am new to this forum and I have some questions about a trailer I am planning on building. I am going to build a 5X10 trailer. (3500lb torsion, 14" wheels, steel mesh floor) I would like this trailer to be rigid and fairly heavy duty. It is going to be used to haul everything from ATV's to heavy firewood loads. My question is about the materials I plan to use. Instead of the flimsy angle iron most are constructed of, I am thinking of using medium gauge 1" square tube. (Or 3/4") Any ideas or suggestions.

I will be using a Miller 251 Wirefeed Welder
1x1 is waaaaaaaay too small for a trailer, don't even consider it. I've got a 3000# 5X10 trailer (Big Tex 29SA) that's all made of 2x3x3/16 angle, and it handled a 4500# cube of 8" blocks with NO flexing at all.

trailer mf'rs use angle because it's cheap and it works.

My 7000# 14' homesteader challenger (714CT) uses tube for the main frame rails, and angle for everything else. there's no discernable flex in that one either...