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I have a couple of questions for ya before I can help ya.

Why a torsion axle on this type of trailer?
Are you making it a flat deck or will it have side rails.
Any particular reason for using expanded metal (mesh) as a deck
Will it have a tailgate or ramp gate attached to it?

The materials you have outlined for the project will be for extremely light duty use with maybe a couple hundred lbs. max payload.

Give me some more details and background of it's intended uses and I may be able to help you better.
3500 Torsion due to the fact that I have one sitting here and they are extremely simple and need very little maintenance.

It will have 1' side rails.
Mesh due to storing wood on it until burned. (Need water to drain through if it gets through the tarp)

No tailgate. Research has shown that a mesh tailgate puts almost as much resistance in the wind as a solid sheet of plywood standing up on the back of your trailer.

"A couple hundred of pounds?" I plan on using 2X4 steel to run the entire legnth for the hitch. My plans call for about 120' legnth of whatever steel I decide to use. Remember folks... This is gonna be a 5X10' Trailer, its not big.

I plan on using it for wood, 1 ATV (800 lbs), and various other uses. (I also have a tandem 18' flatbed and a 28' triple gooseneck for real heavy haulin)