I've a quick question on my Maxstar. I've been doing a bunch of overhead welding (in awkward positions) and I've found that if I fail to start the arc properly and stick / short circuit - sometimes my Maxstar will start to flash the ready light and there is no weld output until I shut it off and wait 10 secs for it to reset - then power it back up. (Won't reset on its own)

I've read the manual and there is nothing mentioned about this "error" condition - it seems like it is probably a self-protection mechanism for the short and likely normal - just wondering if others' units do the same thing?

As it only seems to happen when I turn the juice down a bit for overheads - and especially with a shaky hand on an awkward reach into a corner, I'm not too worried about it. I know the solution is clean starts and a steady hand (I wish!) or a bit more juice - but it does get old crawling out from under to flip the power off and back on.

Do others folks' units do the same thing?

Actually - while we're on the manual - what does the "Adaptive Hot Start and DIG circuitry" do for me? They sound impressive but there is absolutely nothing in the manual that describes what they do!