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Thread: Stacked Welders

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    Seems pretty silly to use gloves on a bench grinder and drill press.
    Seems pretty silly to use a chinese drill press as a mill.
    Seems pretty silly to make a band saw using VW wheels.
    Seems pretty silly to say that a Milwaukee circular saw is better than a shear.
    I wont even get into your latest idea with the bender at PM.....

    You see, I dont do alot of aluminum MIG. Most times I use my Dynasty. I have used the XR on four jobs and its paid for. I use the top feeder everyday.
    I am not worried about bending over to adjust some knobs. It takes less tahn five minutes to take the whole feeder and put it on my table if I need to change the spool.

    By the way. There is NO way I would steel your bridge crane idea. I dont consider anything you've done or said to be good enough or smart enough to warrant me stealing....

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    And yet you stole the very screen name you're using here.
    Syncrowave 250DX
    Invison 354MP
    XR Control and 30A

    Airco MED20 feeder
    Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 81
    Smith O/A rig
    And more machinery than you can shake a 7018 rod at

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    Stole it from who? The jerk that tried to sneak into the pit? Not really stealing, just an inside joke showing someone that they are not as smart or sneaky as they think......

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    Way to go guys. 5 pages of posts to the guy posting one. Ya so it sits on top, has nice blue matching color. I like the rubber booties. Start ya own thread why don't ya.

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    Default stacked

    Not trying to be rude, but why do you need both migs? Are the set up for different wire sizes or is one flux core? If you are a hobbyist, it seems that you are very equiped! Use knurled wheels for bird's nests. Still, nice job!
    Quote Originally Posted by fjk View Post
    I'm an occasional-hobbyist -- it's true I don't change the rolls that often.
    The current one has been there for more than a year
    On the other hand, I do not weld enough to get good enough that
    I don't get birdsnests... Plus that's where The Chart is and I refer
    to it probably much more often than you guys who do this
    every day

    Also, I like the idea of using a tool-box-riser like you did

    Millermatic 210
    Syncrowave 200
    Spectrum 625 X-treme
    Hobart Champion 16 W/
    Miller 8VS Suitcase
    Miller 3035 Spool Gun
    Tons of Tools
    Laptop and Printer
    Speakers in the Back for all to hear Sirius Radio!

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    I have not been here in a while so I had not seen what my thread had become.
    I will post a new picture as I sold the 140 and I am now using that self for my plasma cutter.

    And no it has not fallen off. :-)

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