Seems pretty silly to use gloves on a bench grinder and drill press.
Seems pretty silly to use a chinese drill press as a mill.
Seems pretty silly to make a band saw using VW wheels.
Seems pretty silly to say that a Milwaukee circular saw is better than a shear.
I wont even get into your latest idea with the bender at PM.....

You see, I dont do alot of aluminum MIG. Most times I use my Dynasty. I have used the XR on four jobs and its paid for. I use the top feeder everyday.
I am not worried about bending over to adjust some knobs. It takes less tahn five minutes to take the whole feeder and put it on my table if I need to change the spool.

By the way. There is NO way I would steel your bridge crane idea. I dont consider anything you've done or said to be good enough or smart enough to warrant me stealing....