I'll be waking up to UPS bnringing my aluminmum flywheel, the i'll be trucking it over to a bigger garage and putting it in.. Must break it in on sunday, then make a 1k mile trip to TX on monday to finlly get our wedding officially finalized (air force interupted it and took hert befdr it, but we;re already :common law: so i can still call her wife nad she calle me hubby ...

THe short block specs. ti's a 9:1 wiseco/eagle H-bean build.. good to hold around 700 horses.. i'll post pics when i can see and aactually tell what 'm typing

The head.. ha to ditch y ported one because a cam journal got chewed by what looked to have been a badger, so 'm putting a stock (best flwoing OEM ) head back on with new crower springs and retainers to go wth my 264/272 cam combo.,..then i just need my new turbobecaus e this on3e got trashed in the same insident and i should be well back into the 400hp club

g'night all...had to tell soem one ,and ono one is awake....barely me!
g'night all