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I'm extremely glad that you are a top-notch web-designer Others such as
you I'm sure won't give free tips also, along with some weldors that took a lot of years learning the trade won't help, that's why they don't participate in this forum. However, some want to help a guy out, such as Broccoli1 with the web design and SundownIII and FusionKing with welding...

....No need to show how good you are

Look dude, I have no idea what you mean by that comment but I'll tell you this right now, I never in my life professed to be any type of web designer much less a good one and certainly not a "top-notch" one.
You seem to be confused about who commented on what. You quote one dude and then get all smart mouthed with me over what he said???

I know it's a long weekend for most people, but try to get a grip.