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    I'd correct the spelling errors.

    Unless you're a Florida PE, the advertising design work will eventually get you in trouble.

    I wouldn't post rates, ever.

    And like everyone already said, your rates are waaaay too low.

    I read every page but I still don't really know what you do. You might want to make that clearer.


    Plus, I don't understand the two year guarantee on welds. Do you expect your stuff to start falling apart in about 25 months. The normal lifespan of a properly made weld is decades longer than 2 years so I'm confused there. Why not just guarantee your work?
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    From a technical point of view I would change the following:

    • Blue underlined fonts usually indicate a link. Don't use them when there's no link.
    • Under normal circumstances I wouldn't use serif and sans serif fonts on the same page.
    • You use large images and force the browser to scale them down. This increases page loading times for those on a dial-up connection significantly. If you show a thumbnail, use a thumnail.
    • People expect to see a large version of the image or a new page when clicking on a thumbnail...
    • The "Links" link under the images on the index page should be a sixth button in the navigation bar. That way it will not destroy the page design and get noticed.
    • Same area: There are currently 5 buttons and 5 images straight below. So visitors will usually try to click on the images for a link first - und nothing happens. Put more space between the navigation bar and the images.
    Krefeld, Germany

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    From a consumer standpint I found your website easy to navigate and provided me enough information to conclude you are a general purpose shop providing experience and a wide range of shop services. You project a sincere honest attitude from your text. I must agree, I do not understand a guarantee on a weld, your work yes. It appears you are pojecting Professional Engineering Design capability. My instincts tell me that is not what you mean, but it could be interpreted that way.

    Labor rates here in south central Illinois at a respected welding shop providing general welding services are $70.00 per hour with limited machine and pipe bending services. Another start up shop and doing very well are $60.00 per hour, but they do not offer pipe bending and machine services. Both are non union. They do not advertise their labor rates.

    I have a son in Ocala Florida and we just visited them. From what we could see, construction and skilled trades are not exactly booming in that area. Its encouraging to see someone with initiative. I wish you the very best.

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    It leads me to believe you are uninsured or really desperate for work.

    Low rate and unusual warrenty, buyer beware!
    My consumable cost, insurance and electricty is percentage wise as much as you are getting, so you are working for free!

    Good luck with your venture and get your pricing in line.

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    First and foremost, it's a nice aesthetically pleasing site with a comfortable layout.

    Seems to me like you're trying to dress up what doesn't need dressing. The combined years of experience bit in particular; You're a "mom and pop" shop, there's appeal in that with some people, so use it. Don't try to put an age to your experience, but rather use that space to be more personable or explain what you like doing for customers. "We've been around a combined number of years" could be replaced with "we take pride in serving people" and then mention some ways that you're better to deal with than the bigger shops (quick turn around, friendly, etc).

    Your home page statement should be combined with your about us and all located on the latter page. Your capabilities would be better served on the current home page as it's probably what people want to know first.

    For the home page, I'd put more emphasis on bullet points of what you do and beef up the picture content. Show me. Make me want to look further. Too much text and no negative space (the single paragraph is an overbearing block of text with way too much info dumped into it) means that only the most patient of people is going to read every line. As for capabilities - I'd rework the entire thing. Bending and shaping are the only things (short of actual welding capacity) you fail to list specs for, and are the most important of the lot. Can you bend the part I need made? Can you weld my 3/4" aluminum bar? We'll never know. From the looks of everything else, you have a tiny drill press and a sears tap and die set. That's not confidence inspiring. Put down the specs of your heavy hitters (big tig machine or 400A mig, or what have you) and let the public not worry about the rest.

    As for the "links" - I'd dump it entirely. None of those companies is giving you promotional consideration are they? Why do it for them. With King, you might be sending work to them and not even know it. Customer comes looking for an iron guy, finds your site, hits your link to king and "oh-crap, I can just buy this online" with no sale or any customer contact what so ever.
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    I can't comment on the prices, as others have, since I'm not in the
    welding/fab business. But in general, I can say that _if_ your prices
    are "too low" then it does look bad - people will ask why and make
    their own answers ("He must not be a 'real' weldor", "He must
    be using substandard materials" "He must be fly-by-night") and they'll
    just move on.

    A couple of comments on the web design
    - I do not think that the 'blue blaze' header looks very good. The
    dark blue text in the 'l" and 'u' of "Blue" are hard to see against the
    black background. The light-blue 'e' is ok. Also, the multiple
    colors in "Blue Blaze" makes it look like something that some
    teenager did.

    - The American Flag at the bottom of thepages looks cheesy. I've
    nothing against Old Glory, but it looks like you took an image from
    someplace and blew it up too much -- it shows the pixelation
    (the squareish artifacts) that looks bad.

    - On the "about us" page, you say "...deliver to you if your in a 25..."
    "your" means "belonging to you". "You are" is you're. AND Immediately
    after that you say that you prefer dropoff/pickup by local customers.
    It can send a mixed message. It can also come across as "we don't
    want to have to drive someplace or call up bubba's trucking company
    for you". I would never put something that a potential customer does not
    want to read/see/hear on a web page.

    These are just my opinions.
    Good luck


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    Default All Great Information

    First of all...and this is personal preference, but, in general the animated part of the header is somewhat distracting. A nice clean, powerful header with your logo and possibly your contact information is far more attention grabbing.

    If you want motion on your page use it further down. Let it peek up from the bottom to grab someones attention to get them to go further down the page.

    Most of the work I do is custom furniture design and most is strictly design then I have the items built elsewhere as I do not have the time in most cases to build the items. I also do graphic design. What is the point of this statement? The point is that you need to be careful when you start talking about your rates. Why because a time frame does not really mean anything. what if I charge $100 an hour and you charge $50 and hour. Does that mean it is going to cost 1/2 as much to build something? Probably not. Try to base it on what the job is. You can use your hourly rate but just tell thim it is going to cost whatever amount for the project. Occassionally a T & M project may need to be done purely on shop rate but often we get caught up in a fictitious importance of this number.

    And as was said...spelling errors...

    I always see web pages as a work in progress. They should always be changing and evolving. Look at other sites and see what they do that you like and figure out how to make it work for you! Remeber this is a reflection of you. Keep it professional and let it make a statement for you!

    As I said these are just my opinions but I hope they help!

    Have you ever noticed that enough is usually too much?!

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    Trep813. Now you have the opinions of other professionals from this site. The other site was concerned about the look of your website. This site is worried about your insurance/liability and your shop rates.

    Between the two sites you should have enough information to 1) redesign the site for an upgraded presentation. 2) Re-evaluate your susceptibility to potential legal action. And 3) and impetus to modify your asking price/rate.

    Good Luck.
    The definition of courage. "It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through to the end no matter what." From "To Kill a Mockingbird"

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    Looks like you are fixing your website as you're getting excellent feedback.
    Just to remind you, in your "About Us" page, your "rebuilds" aren't linked yet.
    I'm sure you're going to do it, and show at least 1 pic (or more) of each of those links/underlined titles....As far as the people and stores you thank, I'm not sure, but do you need permission from them? (not like they shoudn't mind, but I thought you did....)
    good job, can't wait to see the finished product
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTMcC View Post
    Unless you're a Florida PE, the advertising design work will eventually get you in trouble.

    Exemption (from Florida Statutes)

    (c) Regular full-time employees of a corporation not engaged in the practice of engineering as such, whose practice of engineering for such corporation is limited to the design or fabrication of manufactured products and servicing of such products.

    That's the closest exemption you get. Most states specifically exempt the manufacturing industry from requiring a PE license, but note that the Florida statute specifically says CORPORATION. In other words, the little guys do not enjoy this exemption unless they incorporate.

    Ironically, they also exclude defense and aerospace designers from requiring a PE.

    Funny. The sole proprietor who advertises that he designs custom necktie racks is required to have a professional engineering license but the guy designing a critical steering component for a production automobile doesn't need to.

    I guess that's why automobiles kill over 40,000 people a year and necktie racks kill too few to hear about. Or maybe it's a statement about the relative lobbying power of the automotive, defense, and aerospace industries versus that of your average small business.

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