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    Supertanium fasteners have been around forever. In the smaller sizes they are 200ksi. I havent laid eyes on one for several years but I'm sure they are still available.
    They are pretty common in maintenance departments of plants. The military used to buy a ton of them too.

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    AN is only available in fine thread. Grade 8 comes in coarse and fine.
    -Just something to think about.

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    Hi Guys!
    I think this is my first post but I read most of the comments. The reading is very interesting. Thanks to all you contributors!
    My Premier Fastener Handbook shows the following:
    SAE Grade 5 - three lines - 120,000 psi
    SAE Grade 8 - six lines - 150,000 psi
    Supertanium - special symbol - 160,000 psi
    The psi is tensile strength and shear strength is about 60% of the tensile strength.
    If you have a Machinery Handbook or similar reference it will have a section on fasteners but when you exceed grade 8 the data is usually from the manufacturer.
    Happy Holidays!

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    I would reference the AC43.13 manual for what the standards are (an,ms etc). Carol Smith has this book which i found useful ]
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    Quote Originally Posted by monte55 View Post
    Is there a stronger bolt I can use better than a grade 8? What does"AN" desigination mean?
    Ok, Im new to this forum so be gentle...

    I was looking over this post and saw that no one had mentioned F911 bolts that have ratings up to 180,000 psi. I use F911's in off road applications such as suspension pivot points for a-arms, trailing arms, ect. Normally you can only find these at a "bolt specific" store meaning your local home depot does not carry them. In addition, F911 nuts are only available in pinch nuts not nylocks but you can you grade 8 nylock nuts on them.

    If I had a nickle for every time I said "someone once told me"... I would be a rich man. Also consider fine thread grade 8's vs course thread for the side loading strength. Course threads take out up to 25% of the girth on a 1/2" bolt because of the deeper cuts for the treads.

    As for AN... I use them but mostly for hydraulics and fuel lines. I have always known them as Army-Navy (someone else told me that also).

    Below is a link about F911 bolts. Thanks for the original post because I just found a new place to buy F911's...


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    Some good reading
    Higher grade is not always better.
    Be safe

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    you will get more than ya need.
    This is true for the good and bad
    that life puts out.

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