I have access to a whole array of fabrication equipment in the facility that I work. That said I have minimal experience in tig welding. Most of what is done where I work is tig.

In the past I have done is stick, O/A and some wire feed. I have been designing mostly signage and a friend has been doing the fab work for me. It is now time to dive back in a little deeper so can get that fun part of stuff. I am wanting to spend more time with a tig torch in hand since most of my work tends to lean toward functional art pieces. And at this point I have no pics to show of previous designs other than a couple of signs...computer crashes...gotta love em...

Not wanting to have to do all of my hobby work in the shop at work I was thinking a nice tig package at home would be great. I was leaning toward the Syncrowave 200 and it seemed a good bargain for the price and function. Someone also suggested a Lincoln Precision TIG 225. I am more of a Miller guy because that is what I have always used/had access to.

What does anyone know about either of these two machines and what are the opinions of specifically the Sync 200?

All help and info would be appreciated.