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Thread: The Power Wagon

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    Cool The Power Wagon

    I am now 18 years old and just started my third year of weling in high school. In my first year, my friend and I had a crazy dream of putting a gasoline engine on a radio flyer wagon. It being completely rediculous... we decided to do it. I bought a little Millermatic 135 and two years and about $2000 later, here it is:

    Side view

    Front view

    As crazy as it is, that little bad boy is decked out with everything, the pictures are just a little old. It now has a chromed aluminum diamond plate bed, 9hp electric start motor, head lights, brake lights, turn signals, underside neon, and of course flame throwin' exhaust. Step aside Dodge. The new Power Wagon is on the block!

    Any questions or comments? Feel free to email me at: or just post a reply.
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    that's pretty SWEET!
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    wow great little wagon
    job well done

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    Thumbs up Nice Job Guys!

    That is very cool looking... I am a HS welding teacher and wish my students had the same spirit and ambition that you guys have...

    Nice Job!

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    Lil red express truck, hummmm the name needs work or maybe its been done!!! All kidding aside, very cool.

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    That's one cool cruzin wagon!
    If you got a minute to kill it to death!
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    Default Not that great (just kidding)

    Justin's obviosly updated the pics but not the description, as those pics have the diamond plate, headlights, and 9hp electric start Honda replacement engine. It does have a flame-throwing, dual chrome exhaust though and the neon and all that stuff. It also has a homemade blue-flame seat. In case no one's figured it out, I'm one of the friends that helped with the project. It took 2 years only because we worked on it for short periods of time and not very often. Here are some nightime pics of the flame thrower and neon.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    great job. cool sled. you have some fun times ahead and i bet you make up some great things. the world needs more like you. keeep it up.
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    Thumbs up

    thats great.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    Have y'all thought about clocking the front axle back to eliminate bumpsteer? J/K, that is a sweet sled.

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